Super-high brightness, the color index is high, no selenium rectifier and Starter;

LED work Life is over 10 times of the ordinary fluorescent lamp. It has almost no use for maintenance. No need to frequently change LED tube, rectifier and Starter;

Unique LED light source, circuit design, save 60% to 80% energy.

Semiconductor lighting of Green environmental protection, Soft light, pure spectrum, non- giddy, the color is close to 98% of natural light. It is conducive to the protection of people's eyesight and physical health, 6000 K cold light bring cool visual feeling;

Less weight, small working current, less power consumption, high brightness;

Highly efficient, low temperature, a large scale of Voltage range;

PC plastic materials, anti-high intensity earthquake, non-friable;

Easy installation, widely uses, practical.

Frequency: 50 to 60 HZ

Use for offices, factories, shopping malls, schools, home and other indoor lightin


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