* High Power 20Watt SMT LED Module

   High Power 30Watt SMT LED Module

* The power consumption is 20W / 30Watt .

*The main material is Die Casting Aluminum.

*5mm High Strengthen Clear Glass.

*The voltage is 85V-260V AC.

*Product dimension: Length:225.00mm Height:185.00mm

*Lens Beam Angle Available: 120-150 Degree

 (LM): CW 1500-1600 Lumen

          WW 1450-1500 Lumen

(LM): CW 2300-2400 Lumen

         WW 2250-2300 Lumen

*Colors Available: Cold White / Warm White / Red / Green / Blue /Yellow

*Degree K:    CW 6000-7000K  

                     WW 2800-3300K

*Color Rendering:    Ra 80  

*IP Degree:   IP65  

*Equvilaence:  Equal to 100Watt Metal Hilide Lamp 

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