Color Temperature Adjustable 5050 Waterproof LED Strip

A type, waterproof with Silicone Tube IP67;

B type, waterproof with Silicone Glue IP68;

D type, waterproof with Heat-shrink tube IP68;

Non-waterproof style is available.

§             Features:

§             1.Waterproof LED strip,150 / 300 PCS LED per 5meter roll

§             2.Anti-oxidation, anti-UV radiation and won‘t change color after long time use.

§             3.High flexibility ,high transparence, flame-proof and environmental friendliness.

§             4.Waterproof LED strip with Silicone material offers good heat/cold resistance, and not easy broken.

§             5.With silicone transparent waterproof connector can easily connect and totally waterproof.

§             6.With accessories to help 5050 led strip easy installation, strip continuous connection and strip connection to LED drivers.

§             7.Input Voltage DC12V or DC24V;

§             8.With 3M adhersive tape back,easy for installation;

LED Q’ty
LED Type
Max Power

The data above is under the test condition of Ta =25 degree ,DC 12V ,RH 85%

§             Dimension:


§             Accessories:


§             How to connect:


§             Cutting & welding waterproof LED strip, Please follow the steps:A1 A2 A3 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

§             A1 : Cut the light strip at the mark ”scissors” or by every 3 LED’s.

§             A2: Screw to open the glue cap.

§             A3: Use the thrust (another side of glue cap ) to puncture the surface .

§             B1: Inject the silicon gel into the end cap without holes .

§             B2: Push the strip into the cap and let gel dry for 1 hour.

§             C1: Put the connector wire through the end cap holes.

§             C2: Solder the wire onto the PCB .

§             C3: After solder the two wires, push the strip into the end cap with wires carefully.

§             C4 : Inject the silicon glue at the end of strip and cap .

§             C5: Make sure end cap and strip are connected well and let gel dry for 1 hour.

§             Waterproof LED Strips Application :

§             Cove lighting.

§             Architectural light for canopy,corridor,window,archway;

§             Backlight for edge lighting for signage.

§             DIY lights for home use.

§             Path and contour marking.

§             Decorative lights for holiday,event,show exhibition.

§             Features of A Type Waterproof led strip light series(Silicone Tube) :

§             1.Waterproof material: Silicone material which features anti-oxidation, anti-UV radiation, working temperature (-80~ 300 ), high flexibility, high transparence, flame-proof and environmental friendliness.

§             2.IP ratio: IP67 ;

§             3.Easy DIY waterproof process with waterproof accessories offered in free of charge.

§             4.This waterproof mode is available for the following series:

§             a3528 SMD LEDs Series

§             b5050 SMD LEDs Series

§             5. Standard Accessories per reel ( 5 meter )a pair of waterproof connector , 1 pcs glue10ML,10 pcs clips, 20 pcs screwif use 3M adhesive tape back ,we will not provide the clip and screw, 4 pcs end cap ;

§             Features of B Type Waterproof led strip light series(Silicone Glue) :

§             1. Waterproof material: silicone glue ,silicone U type groove.

§             2. Silicone material offers anti-oxidation, anti-UV radiation and won’t change color.

§             3. Environmental friendliness.

§             4. Silicone material offers good heat or cold resistance and is not easily broken.

§             5. High transparent glue offers good strip light emitting performance and makes the light emitting loss less than 1%.

§             6. IP ratio: IP68;

§             7. not cutable.

§             8. Options to fix the waterproof strips:

§             Option A: with 3M glue at the back of silicone tube;

§             Option B: with silicone clips ;

§             9. Transparent waterproof connectors or non waterproof wires at one end or both ends of the waterproof strips.

§             10. This waterproof mode is available for the following series:

§             a3528 SMD LEDs Series

§             b5050 SMD LEDs Series

§             11. Standard Accessories per reel (5 M) a pair of waterproof connector ,10 pcs clips

§             Features of D type Waterproof led strip light series (Heat-shrink tube) :

§             This product has the following features of unique structure, high-speed shrink, strong shrinkage force and good function to the climate. Colloid bearer is adopted to steel the commissure so that it can have a better effect to resist water and dampness. Hot melt- glue has a wide temperature-fitting range, no matter in a low temperature or a high one.

§             1.Temperature range:-55-125;70 in the beginning,full shrink temperature 110 with the super-thinned type,120 for the common full shrink temperature.

§             2.Flexible and anti-flaming.

§             3.Complete specifications, Φ0.6 Φ180and the special specification can also be made.

§             4.It’s convenient to use and it can be heated to shrink by using oven or heat gun.

§             5.It is fit for the standard of Sony and RoHs certificates in Europe.

§             Waterproof LED Strips Notes :

§             1Please make LED drivers compatible with flexible LED strips before use 5050 Waterproof LED strips.

§             2To use LED strips 5M in serial, longer than 5M in parallel.

§             3Before use,first check the power supply used in compliance with of the power requirements.

§             4Each roll ask for independent power supply;not to use of multi-volume series use

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